10am + weekend link love

Not having been awake at 10 am, I couldn’t take a picture myself. So my husband did the honors. Marie was off at a play date, and Greta had crawled into bed with me for a much-earlier-than-usual nap.

February Photo A Day

Here are some posts I really enjoyed reading this past week:

Is sugar as toxic as alcohol and cigarettes? One expert weighs in.

Malavika shows us how to make a lifebook – something in between a daily planner, a journal and a scrapbook.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here’s a pattern and tutorial for making a mini “Love” quilt.

Soulemama made herself a sling bag out of velveteen that has me scheming for matching mama/daughter bags soon.

If you’re getting ready to start sowing seeds for your garden, You Grow Girl has a post with links to all her great seed-starting tips & tricks.

Have a lovely weekend!

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